We aim to maximize value through our hands-on venture building and acceleration approach

We are committed to focus on an active approach towards building and growing sustainable ventures. At Nogle, we work side-by-side with our entrepreneurs to build, accelerate and fund startup technology companies.


Fund each venture to support in their company building journey.


Provide resources to build innovative products and support ventures in developing and executing go-to-market strategy.


Create innovative products together with our ventures, and help them accelerate on their path to profitability.


Help ventures grow and connect to new business opportunities through our extensive network.

Our Investment Process


We will leverage the Nogle platform by tapping into long-standing relationships developed by Nogle’s founders and senior professionals. In addition, the Fund will have access to proprietary investment opportunities which are facilitated through Nogle’s in-house accelerator program.

Evaluating & Structuring

Our pipeline of opportunities is evaluated along a number of qualitative and quantitative measurements to ensure consistency of approach and outcome.

Adding Value

Our investment approach is to play an active role in the supporting management teams. It invests in founders at the earliest stages of a startup’s life, and partners up to give hands-on advice on product development, market insights and focused execution.

Monitoring & Exiting

We keep strict control on the strategic direction and on the discipline in deployment of capital of its seed investments. Nogle’s hands-on approach reduces the down side risk and increases upside potential for its venture investments.